#StaySummerFresh: Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit Review

Posted on May 2 2016 - 11:42am by Hetal Shah

Summer is the time when, no foundation, Primer, concealer & other heavy makeup iteam work. Anyway I am a minimalist when it comes to wearing makeup. Especially in summer, I just go with 2-3 favoite products of mine. You can say, these are my on the go products and I wear them every day. Recently, Maybelline compiled a kit these 3 summer essentials and named it #StaySummerFresh – Summer Essentials Kit! How cool?

#StaySummerFresh Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit

#StaySummerFresh Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit

Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit

Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit comes in a glittery pouch with a zip lock and Maybelline Carved over the zip. There are three summer essentials are placed in this kit.

  1. White Super Fresh Compact
  2. Colossal Kajal
  3. Baby Lips
Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit Review

Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit Review

White Super Fresh Compact

White Super Fresh compact is available in three different shades Pearl, Shell and Coral. The first shade; pearl is the lightest version and the coral one is the darkest shade. Shell is the medium one. This compact is one my favourite as it blends really well, gives matte finish and it is a long lasting one. Compare to other Matte Finish Compact, this one is  quite affordable.

Colossal Kajal

Do I need to say anything about Colossal Kajal? We all love it. I am happy that Maybelline included this product in their summer essential kit. It is long lasting and totally worth for the price.

Baby Lips

Nowadays Baby Lips became synonym for Lip Balm in India. It is one of the most popular lip balm available in the country. Thankfully Maybelline launched a couple of versions time to time and I am totally obsessed with Baby Lips.

Great choice of products in one kit and I can surely say, it is the perfect summer essential kit for the minimalist like me. #StaySummerFresh ladies…


Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit

Maybelline Summer Essentials Kit

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  • Aiswarya John

    I guess you and I have really similar taste in skincare and makeup! I too like keeping things minimal! Thought I would suggest this page to you for skincare. Hand-picked products curated from all over the web! You are bound to find something great! 😀 Check it out! http://explorate.in/search?q=Skin-Care&from=suggestions

    • Yeah… Aishwarya for day to day life I like to keep it minimal only to be comfortable. For special occasions, I do more experiments with makeup and like to wear full makeup.

      High Five Girl…:)